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Broadband is imperative in a society that people need to stay connected. It is our goal to close the digital divide by ensuring that every resident connects to the Internet.

Computer Literacy is the Mother’s Milk of connectivity in what we consider the Information Age. Computers enable us to utilize the Internet, Email, Tele-health, research Job Opportunities, and provides access to serve as a Source of News.

Open Labs allow the community to have online access even when there is no computer in the home. 

Ticket To Work provides resources and information through the Social Security program for jobs training and placement for people with disabilities who are receiving SSI or SSDI.

Jobs Training and Placement Resources are available under workforce development, enabling displaced and unemployed individuals to receive help, resources, information, computer usage to find jobs.

Job Readiness / Resumania is available to guide individuals in writing a resume, guidance on interview skills, and dressing for success through the Attire for Hire Program.

Attire for Hire provides clothing at no cost to the participant for job interviews and work related use.

Food For Giving and Living partners provide food to the community

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math for our Youth Provides enrichment programs to Foster and At Risk Youth, to enhance and ensure exposure access to career paths in the STEAM categories.

HEAP through PACE pays utility bills for clients