About Executive Director

Biography of the Honorable Saundra Wakefield Davis

Saundra Davis is the first African American ever elected to office in Culver City. She is a former member of the Culver City Board of Education; re-elected in 2005. She has served in the realm of public and community service for the past 20 years. Her expertise is community advocacy, governmental relations, and most recently employment and economic empowerment in the non-profit, public and private sectors. She is currently the CEO/Executive Director of Community Centers Inc. (CCI) and Chair of the Central-West Broadband Consortium.

Saundra Davis is the wife of Rev. Bilson Davis and the mother of eight children. She is an educator, a community advocate/ activist, a teacher adviser, family counselor and lecturer as well as the CEO of CCI. She wears several hats but prides herself on successfully raising her eight children. Her accomplishments are a testimony for adults and youth who have a desire to do more.

Saundra Davis has served on the Strategic Planning Commission for the city of Culver City and for the Culver City Unified School District. She is one of the founding members of “Education Is A Civil Right,” an organization that was implemented to address the issues of failing students in the African American community.

Mrs. Davis has earned a Masters Degree in Behavioral Science and Negotiation Conflict Management, a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as a degree in Early Childhood Education. She also earned her Masters in Governance as the result of numerous hours of study with the California School Board Association. She has received certificates from UCLA and The Los Angeles County Bar Association for Dispute Resolution and Negotiations and Contract Administration. Mrs. Davis holds a California Teaching Credential and is a parent educator for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Saundra Davis was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree from American University for her extensive work and commitment to children and Education.

Saundra Davis has received many awards and recognitions from the President of the United States, Congress, the Senate, the Assembly, Culver City and Los Angeles City Councils and School Boards. She received the esteemed Award of “Democrat of the Year” from the Democratic Party.

Mrs. Davis strongly believes that we must provide every opportunity for every child and every student in order for our youth and adult students to excel. She believes that every child possesses the ability to be successful in their own right. It is therefore incumbent upon us to provide a positive environment, limitless opportunities, and a solid platform to promote our youth and community for a future of possibilities.

Saundra Davis has continually advocated for human rights and equality in the community, the city and the state. Her accomplishments include working closely with city and state officials on environmental issues to help get the Blair Hills and Baldwin Hills designated into the Baldwin Hills Conservancy. She has come to the aid of parents and students facing problems in the school system. She has addressed community issues when community members complained of police profiling. Saundra Davis has provided students with scholarships, created youth programs to help alleviate gang violence and unsafe activities, and initiated literacy programs for youth and adults. Saundra Davis has dealt with Foster Care issues for the benefit of youth as well as helped establish a diabetes and obesity program to resolve many of the health issues faced by youth and adults today. Because of these accomplishments, she received the “Emerging Leader” Award from the NAACP.

Saundra Davis’ leadership with the South Los Angeles WorkSource Center has played a major role in earning them the coveted Prospector Award, the 2008 Award For Excellence and naming them a 4 Star WorkSource.