Terms of Use

This Terms of Use Agreement for Registered and Non-Registered Users is a legal agreement between the website owner and the user. This agreement sets forth their relationship and informs each of its rights and responsibilities. A Term of Use Agreement should include provisions regarding privacy policies, copyrights, limits on liability and protection of minors.

This Terms of Use Agreement is for sites that have both registered and non-registered users. This form can be used alone or together with a Registration Agreement or Privacy Agreement and should be posted on the website. A well-written Terms of Use agreement will prove invaluable in the event of problems or misunderstandings which can lead to litigation.

These important provisions are included in this Terms of Use Agreement/Registered and Non-Registered Users for California:

Community Centers, Inc. is the registered owner and maintains the website and the website identity;

Changes to Terms: The company has the right, without notice, to change the look, feel and format of the website;

Scope of Use and User Email: Sets forth the authorized uses of the website and security issues regarding emails;

Intellectual Property: The materials on the site are copyrighted and protected by all United States and international copyright laws and unlawful copying will be considered infringement;

No Warranties: The website is provided “as is” and contains no express, statutory or implied warranties.